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Welcome C.I.A. and other clandestine readers

15 October 2008

I probably spend more time checking out my “stats” than is good for me, which isn’t an unusual obsession among bloggers .  I sort of got excited the night I found out I got regular hits from an Army Intelligence Center in Germany, but figured it was just a fluke.  I’m only slightly obsessive… other than I get regular hits from Northern Virginia I haven’t checked out whether or not they’re from the C.I.A.  Could be, but it’s ok with me.

The last few days, though, several of us “Latin American specialty bloggers” have started to talk about a new, and apparently regular visitor… the Central Intelligence Agency. I suppose we should be flattered that we’re either considered important enough to be a potential threat… or worried that the C.I.A. is so incompetent that they can’t pick up the “real news” from Latin America and have to depend on us free-lance independent news and culture analysts (sounds a lot more impressive than “blogger”, doesn’t it?) to do their legwork.

It’s been the Bolivians, and Peruvian bloggers that have noticed these hits (I use “statcounter” which would require a lot of analysis to figure out who exactly is looking at my site… and the only thing I’ve used it for is to decide if it’s worth looking at moving to a site where I can run ads., so am not totally obsessed with my readership).  And it’s in Bolivia where the C.I.A. was so incompetent that the spies were reduced to trying to recruit Peace Corps volunteers to do their spookery for them.

Given the generally poor “mainstream media” coverage of Mexico, I’d guess that even here, the C.I.A. has no choice but to rely on guys like me.  Fine, but c’mon… if you want to suborn me, you can at least send some cash… no questions asked.  On what the Mexico City station chief used to spend on video games (at least, given the teenage rent-boys hanging out, I HOPE it was just for video games) in an afteroon on calle Genova in Mexico City, you guys are getting a bargain.  And I won’t tell (of course, for all I know, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are regular readers of mine).

Attention spies: “consulting fees,” bribes and hush money are accepted in any currency — even U.S. dollars:

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  1. 17 October 2008 9:45 am

    Thanks for the link! I’ve got no problem with the spooks reading my posts, but what’s worrying is that they’re coming in through a referral from the Peace Corps volunteer who dared to speak out against U.S. policy.
    I have to leave Bolivia tomorrow, but I’ll be keeping my eye out down here for interesting news.
    I really like your blog–so professional (really!).
    For my next foray into Latin America, I’m considering my first love, el D.F., or possibly Colombia. Keep your eyes on D.S.
    (That email address I left is rarely checked, BTW.)

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