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Oink! Of pork and pot…

30 October 2008

From Grits for Breakfast:

Readers may recall that in 2007, the Texas Legislature backed Governor Rick Perry’s much-ballyhooed plan to give more than $100 million in pork barrel grants to border Sheriffs, splitting the funds equally (more than $6 million apiece) among sheriffs in the 16 counties along the border to pay for extra equipment and overtime for patrols.

Given that massive, recent state investment, I was surprised that no one in the mainstream media picked up on the fact that one of those Sheriffs recently was indicted and accused of working in cahoots with the Mexican Gulf Cartel(!), making him the second border Sheriff during Perry’s tenure to face charges for assisting Mexican drug gangs, along with many other law enforcement agents.

Though the MSM hasn’t yet linked Sheriff Guerra’s indiscretions to his border security work or probed how he spent his grant money, I’ve already wondered how the Governor could justify extending this expensive pork program now that it turns out some of the money went to a Gulf Cartel operative. The cost is even harder to justify since there’s no evidence it had any effect on border crime….

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