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A-shaman they can’t vote

31 October 2008

In the United States, religion plays a bigger role in politics than in other countries, so whether the Shaman vote would be considered a good or bad thing, I don’t know.  But — given the propensity for “dirty” politics, a little cleansing ceremony — like this held by Peruvian shamans — is probably a positive non-partisan event.

(BBC News, via Guanabee)

The Seattle Times reports that at the ceremony (which involved a llama fetus cooking over coca leaves):

The shamans whistled, chanted and rubbed both posters with Andean spirit totems, crucifixes, a statue of a dark-skinned Jesus and other idols to scare away bad spirits and negative energies they said might prevent a fair and democratic election.

“We are cleansing both of them so that on Nov. 4 the person that the U.S. really deserves wins,” [Shaman Juan] Osco said. “We have seen that if the election is not fair, there will be another global economic crisis, war and despair.”

Seems more civilized and straightforward than the other odd religio-political event of this week, the Wall Street “Day of Prayer for the Worlds’ Economies” involving a bunch of supposed Bible readers coveting their neighbors’ goods, and worshiping before what looks a lot like the golden calf’s big bronze brother.

Who exactly are the pagans?

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