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Execution of the day

23 November 2008

“Executed Today” is not a site I’d normally visit, but ran across them because the Mex Files is referenced in “Headsman’s” post on the death o’ the day … the 23 November 1927 execution by firing squad of Father Miguel Pro Suarez in Mexico City:

Miguel Pro’s dying cry, “Viva Cristo Rey!” — “Long live Christ the King!” — was a refrain of Cristeros, anti-government guerrillas who in the late 1920’s fought the revolutionary Mexican government’s attempts to forcibly restrict the power of the Catholic Church.

That conflict had been brewing for years, an outgrowth of Mexico’s own complex history of colonization and development — measures to restrict the church’s size, wealth, and social reach had been mooted and sometimes implemented well back to the middle of the 19th century.

The article is worth reading, but it overlooks the “minor” detail that Pro Suarez was executed for his role in an attempted assassination and terrorism, not for his religious faith, per se. He was probably innocent although his two brothers were both involved in the car bombing that led to their arrest, which I wrote about at detail in a July 2007 post, “Car bombings, oil men and Heaven’s lottery“.  Of course, to understand the execution within the context of Mexican history, you’ll have to read “Gods, Gachupines and Gringos“.

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  1. Chato permalink
    24 November 2008 8:43 am

    Several years ago, I interviewed an old Cristero living in Encarnacion de Diaz, Jalisco, Mx. He died and I was told by an acquaintance living in San Diego de Alejandria, Jalisco, that the day he was buried and the entire family was at the cemetery, a parade of trucks hauled away his entire archive, which by my estimation (the interview took place in his museum), was immense. Does the Cristero movement continue to represent political issues for the present government of Mexico? While I was in the State of Jalisco, every law enforcement officer I met (interviewed one official that is now dead) was wearing a full face mask!

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