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“Distasteful and aggravating…”

24 November 2008

Roy Beck, the oberfuhrer of “Numbers USA” recently whined that it was soooo unfair that people got the wrong idea about the rhetoric he’s been slinging around for years.  After a few punks in Long Island — taking Beck’s rhetoric to heart — set out to “get a Mexican” and went out and stabbed an American citizen of Ecuadorian (not Mexican) descent, Marcello Lucero, to death, Beck seeks to deny his culpability by blaming everyone but himself.

As much at fault as Jerry Falwell’s sermons laid the groundwork for Matthew Shepherd’s crucifixion on a Wyoming fence in 1998.   Ten years later, you’d think people might have learned something.  No.  People like Beck — who purposely misuse the language (confusing acts which are “illegal”, or rather an administrative law violation, with the person, creating a dangerous creature called the “illegal alien”) to demonize the “other” and make them subhuman, expendable, do have a moral responsibility for the persons they persuade to act.

"The Irish Frankenstein" 1886

The Irish Frankenstein, 1886

Beck seeks to absolve himself — claiming HE has always been careful no talk about “numbers” not ethnicity (though I haven’t heard of anyone attacking the undocumented Irish lately), and claims  “no legitimate member of our movement wishes physical harm on illegal aliens or immigrants…”  So, the 35 percent rise in hate crimes against latinos between 2003 and 2006 was due to an outbreak of illegitmacy?  Why did Beck not begin watching his language and speaking about this until now?

Beck claims his organization is not about preserving some mythical single culture, yet,  “To whatever degree cultural and origin issues may be real, we believe they will be resolved if we get the NUMBERS down to where they no longer contribute to economic injustice and environmental/quality-of-life deterioration.”  In other words,  “nothing against ‘them’, but there are just too many of ‘those people’ for comfort.   “They” aren’t monsters (or are they?) but they’re too different to be tolerated in any numbers.

Beckgoes on to blame… in no particular order, The New York Times (for writing bout the murder, though a juvenile death squad in suburban Suffolk County seems to be news fit to print),  the Democratic Party, those who stick up for human rights, Latinos who don’t agree with his idea that there’s too many of “them”, and the United States Congress for not keeping people from being murdered by thugs who listen to his own bullshit.  Anyone and everything BUT the “distasteful and aggrevating” truth that Roy Beck has neither the honor, wit or basic decency to take responsiblity for his own acts and deeds.  Fuck him! (and if some unstable person acts out based on what I’ve written, I’ll fess up, but I won’t lose any sleep over it).

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  1. 24 November 2008 12:08 pm

    Ok, but tell us how you REALLY feel…

  2. iamashadow permalink
    25 November 2008 9:05 am

    Great post, I liked it, specially the end.

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