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Convergent interests?

29 November 2008


49.4% of the 56,065 city and state police officers, as well as the new entrants to the Federal Preventive Police who were evaluated this year turned out “not recommended.” Breaking that into separate data, the President said that 26,163 members of city police agencies were examined and 61.5% resulted in being “not recommended.”

The reply to the Congress did not explain what happened to that percentage of agents.
Of the 11,276 “integral evaluations” of the new entrants program of the Federal Preventive Police, 51.3% were graded as “not recommended.” Likewise, the areas of the country with the highest percentages of “not recommended” results are Zacatecas (70.7%), Coahuila (69%) and San Luis Potosi (64.7%).

The evaluations were made by Mexico’s Department of Justice.


LIMA – Mexican traffickers are invading Peru’s cocaine trade, so President Alan García said Thursday he is inviting Mexican police to come and help battle them.

“We have a growing influence by those cartels,” García said, “and what we want is to help Mexico and help ourselves with this direct cooperation, the direct presence of police from other countries that have this problem.”

García said he suggested that President Felipe Calderón send police when the two leaders met last weekend in Lima, though he did not indicate how Calderón had responded.

Synthesis… is it that hard to figure out?



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