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29 November 2008

More proof Upside-Down World is coming soon

Two gold mines in Mexico are looking to recruit from the pool of Arizona’s unemployed to work and help train Mexican miners.

“This is the sector of the economy that’s been hardest hit, . . . and that’s exactly who we’re looking for,” said Steve Hill, managing director of Gammon Lake de Mexico, a gold mine in Chihuahua state.

“We feel there is a great wealth of skills and existing or potential leadership resource within the Mexican communities north of the border.”

Gammon Gold Inc., based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is considering running advertisements in Spanish-language newspapers in American states that border Mexico to fill open positions and build a database of qualified applicants for future expansion, Hill said.

He said the idea for the recruitment approach came after management began to notice the high level of skills of migrant workers returning to the Chihuahua area after the crash of the U.S. economy.

“I believe there is a skilled resource in this trend,” Hill said, “young men and women who have acquired disciplines, communication, leadership, safety, industrial and commercial experience.”

I’ll betcha at least a few gringos will try to sneak in and take advantage of Mexican union benefits and the national health care system. And maybe make “anchor babies’ while they’re down here.

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  1. Lyroyce Sibanda permalink
    1 December 2008 6:48 am

    I am an eighteen year old boy who only just finished his last year of education at Falcon College .I am a hard worker keen for any oppotunities to expand my knowledge .I am interested in internships in mining if on offer.

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