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All the view that fit the print…

2 December 2008

Ana Gabriela Espinoza Marroquín has won the swimsuit competition in the Miss World Beach Beauty 2008 competition held in Durban, South Africa.  The British newspaper, The Sun, seems to be under the impression that the winning contestant is named “Espinoza Anagabriela” but whether the English actually read The Sun is questionable.  Besides garbling the name (“Google” in also garbles Mexican beauty queens, bringing up photos of Elisa Najara for Ana Gabriela Espinoza, or just Mexican women in general … Ana Gabriela Guevara was photographed many times in a rather skimpy outfit, but a track suit and bathing suit are hardly the same thing).  I suppose, if I was writing about this, it might be a somewhat interesting factoid to mention that Ms. Espinoza hails from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon… about as far from a beach as you can possibly get.

But,  I know nobody actually reads about these contests.  They just look at the pictures.


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