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Border promotion…

27 December 2008

If you come to Mexico to work, the first question any employer will ask is “what are you running running from?”  Running from bourgeois convention is a perfectly legitimate answer (so if running from the Internal Revenue Service… depending on the job).  But, for those moving to Mexico just to retire, or live on the fruits of their labors after years of slogging through mind-numbing, soul-killing work, it’s considered shameful to fess up to having lived a life of quiet desperation.  If the only really interesting thing you ever did was write for your church newsletter, and you find yourself in San Miguel or Ajijic, you might be tempted to call yourself a journalist.  Better yet, if you sent a few articles to your local newspaper about your trip to Tijuana back in the day, you can call yourself something exotic like a “foreign correspondent.”

The Border Promotion isn’t that unusual for a gringo heading to Mexico.  It “generally” doesn’t work going the other way:

A 23-year-old Mexican national was wearing what appeared to be a U.S. Army brigadier general’s uniform when he struck a Border Patrol agent at an Interstate 8 checkpoint in October, authorities said Tuesday.

Fernando Mejia-Baron of Tijuana pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to assault on a federal officer, U.S. Attorney Karen P. Hewitt said in a statement.

He appeared before Magistrate Judge Anthony J. Battaglia.

Mejia-Baron was driving a Honda Accord with three illegal immigrants in the trunk when he approached the I-8 checkpoint in Pine Valley on Oct. 7, Hewitt said.

Agents who were suspicious that a young man could achieve such a high Army rank tried to stop the vehicle, Hewitt said. When Mejia-Baron tried to flee, the car struck an agent.

The California Highway Patrol said at the time that the agent suffered minor injuries.

Mejia-Baron is scheduled to be sentenced March 23 before U.S. District Judge Marilyn L. Huff.

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