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Another gringo invasion

6 February 2009

I thought Migra was supposed to close border tunnels… silly me… that’s only tunnels INTO the U.S.

From “Maggie’s Madness” (Baja California):

AFN is reporting that a plague of worms is migrating from the USA to Mexico at the Zapata Canyon in Tijuana which have invaded the homes in the colonios [sic]. This phenomenon is taking place near to where the newer construction of the Wall and grading have occured. Apparently the little buggars have been displaced from their natural habitat, and are not carrying valid visas, although it has been reported that some of them are wearing sarapes and dark sun glasses. According to AFN, in addition to the grading, San Diego sprayed the area which caused the worms to migrate to Mexico. The problem is, homes have been invaded and this has been going on for at least the past ten days.

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