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So hard be a saint…

7 February 2009

The “hit meter” shot up considerably this week on the news that Fr. Marcial Maciel — the founder of the Legionaries of Christ and  Regnum Christi, both based on fascist models — had, in addition to hiding his drug addiction and prediliction for sexually abusing teenage boys, fathered at least one daughter.  I wrote about the Michaocán-native soon after his death a year ago.

There is open speculation that the two groups  may be on the verge of collapse, or that the Pope may order their suppression … not on the news that the would be saint buggered boys and shot up dope… but that he had sex with women.

Back in December, another figure from the Mexican religious right — the late Secretario de Gobernacion, Carlos Abascal — was also being pushed as a candidate for canonization.  Abascal — whose political roots were in the old Synachist Union (the Mexican Fascist/Falangist party).   “Democracy is a farce that has been used by Freemasons in Mexico… to make a confused and disoriented majority believe that its will is being done,” he wrote in his doctoral dissertation opposing the secular state and religious tolerance.

Carlos never wrote another book, instead going into a business career and making a name for himself in … ahem… democratic politics.   His most infamous role was during Abascal’s tenure as Secretary of Labor during the Fox Administration when Abascal attacked Carlos Fuentes’ Aura, a novel of teenage angst, and a juvenile classic in Spanish literature — demanding the novel be withdrawn from Mexican schools (and getting his daughter’s private school Spanish teacher fired) because — well — there’s a crucifix on the bedroom wall where two kids have sex (er… actually, in the imagination of a teenage boy.  And, being Mexican teenager,  he thinks about sex in terms of Mexican bedrooms … where very likely there will be a crucifix).

I guess you might argue that the re-emergence of Aura on best-seller lists throughout Latin America was something of a miracle, but I think sainthood for Carlos Abascal — promoted by the extreme right-wing ProVida in Mexico (and by some Knights of Colombus groups in the United States because of his anti-abortion activities) is about as remote a possibility as that of Fr. Maciel.  Besides, Patron Saint of Crazy People is already taken.

And… it’s not as if the Mexican Church hasn’t paid attention to Mexican saints… or at least El SantoTHE Saint.

Rudolfo  Guzmán Huerta, the “man in the silver mask”, died twenty-five years ago this week: 5 February 1984.  Like that other great “muscular Christian”, Sergio Gutierrez Benitez (aka “Fray Tormenta”), El Santo grew up in the “confused and disoriented” barrio bravo of Tepito.  From 1942 until his retirement in 1982… and even after his death… he was a symbol of decency and the fight for truth, justice and the Mexican Way, fighting innumerable villians in the ring, as well as vampires, mad scientists, evil brains and Zacatecas werewolves in his 54 films.  And, though his son and grand-son, lending the goodness represented by the silver mask to causes like sea turtle protection and anti-violence campaigns (don’t think about it!).

If anyone deserved a memorial Mass with a Bishop presiding at the altar, it was THE Saint.  And, if there are miracles in this world … consider this.  A demon went to communion.  Ok… the Blue Demon.  Still…


EFE, via Noroeste

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