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Shawna Forde… the plot thickens

16 June 2009

The attempts at damage control at the anti-immigration groups in the United States following the arrest of  Shawna Forde and her gang is on going, but as more and more information becomes available, it’s clear that Forde was not an unknown outsider within the anti-immigrant (and… more to the point… anti-Mexican) movement.

Philadelphia attorney David Bennion first noticed that Forde took part in a 2006 debate on immigration, sponsored by the Public Broadcasting System.  Others have since picked up on the story and presented the video, in which Forde is identified as a spokesperson for FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform)… supposedly a “mainstream” organization, though it has attracted enough overt racists to be labeled a “hate group” by the American Civil Liberties Organization.

Bennion, and others, have been cautious in pointing out that Forde — who has a history of lying in public (and lying outrageously) — may have claimed to be a spokesperson for FAIR, while not a member.  But… if so… why did FAIR never complain, or even correct the record?

Definitely a member of FAIR, and another of Forde’s gang, Jason Bush, had done time for is accused of* murdering a homeless Mexican immigrant, and had lived in a neo-Nazi compound in Idaho for a time.

This is clearly a right-wing terrorist group, but even those who are writing on it in the United States are missing a few essential points.  Despite saying the gang was targeting “drug dealers”, they’re overlooking that these people killed children. Not too many nine-year olds are in the narcotics trade, and it’s a disservice to the victim to make this claim.

If I am right, that Forde’s gang, or a similar rightist gang was behind other attacks like those in southern Arizona in January 2007.  Either the anti-immigration groups are “corrupted by gangsters” or they are gangsters.  Either way, they’re as dangerous to the United States as any “spillover violence” from Mexico.

* “Charlotte” (comment below) corrected an error, which doesn’t change the fact that Shawna Forde and Jason Bush are now accused of this multiple homicide.  What William Gheen or ALIPIC has to do with whether Ms. Forde held herself out as a spokesperson for “FAIR” is irrelevant.  (14-July-2009)

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  1. 17 June 2009 9:22 am

    Check out the emergency call to 911 from the mother of Brisenia.

  2. Bart permalink
    18 June 2009 2:56 am

    One of the big anti-illegal immigration groups, ALIPAC, was warning people about Shawna starting back in January. Just because someone claims to be a leader in a grassroots movement doesn’t mean that everybody they claim to be working with them actually is. Shawna’s organization was actually very small, and she’d been kicked out of others so she formed her own. Jim Gilchrist deserves a lot of the blame for enhancing the credibiity of this unstable woman when others were saying, ‘wait a minute.’ The vast majority of Minutemen and other immigration activists are ordinary people who pose no threat to anyone.

  3. Charlotte permalink
    14 July 2009 10:10 am

    “Jason Bush, had done time for murdering a homeless Mexican immigrant,”

    That is incorrect information. He was just charged with the crime – he has allegedly committed that crime – He has not gone to trial for it yet alone done any time for it.
    How can you expect people to take you seriously when you can’t even keep the facts straight?

    As for ALIPAC – Their warnings are rarely credible as everyone already knows Gheen will say anything, even lie if he needs to, to cause harm to anyone he dislikes. Gheen doesn’t care about the law or justice. He cares about his wallet and making sure he keeps the big bills in it. Gheen poses the BIGGEST threat to people on BOTH sides of the issue. To support Gheen is to support racism and denounce the very principles of our founding fathers that are incorporated into the US Constitution.


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