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18 June 2009

Government reports these days seem to fall into three categories.  “No shit!”, “out shit don’t stinkt” and… bullshit.


Josh Meyers (L.A. Times) reports the United States General Accounting Office is belaboring the obvious:

The United States lacks a coordinated strategy to stem the flow of weapons across its southern border, a failure that has fueled the rise of powerful criminal cartels and violence in Mexico, according to a government watchdog agency report being released Thursday.

The report by the congressional Government Accountability Office … confirms that a growing number of increasingly lethal, U.S.-made weapons are being smuggled into Mexico and comprise more than 90% of firearms seized by authorities there.

The report also cites recent U.S. intelligence indicating that most of the weapons are being smuggled in specifically for the syndicates, and are being used not only against the Mexican government but also to help the cartels in their efforts to control drug distribution in U.S. cities.


The United States Department of State “Trafficking in Persons Report” ranks the countries of the Americas in terms of their compliance with U.S. law regarding efforts to reduce certain labor practices — child prostitution among the more pressing violations. When it comes to the nations of the Americas, only Colombia (where there have been on-going death squad campaigns against organized labor and U.S. companies have admitted in court to aiding and abetting the murder of labor organizers… and just coincidentally, the largest recipient of U.S. “aid” in Latin America)  receives a clean bill of health.  As Inka Kola News noticed, one country is left off the report:

… the biggest guilty party on human trafficking is left off the list completely. The country where many labour and sex slaves are sent by their paymasters and blind eyes are turned.

But he who pays the piper writes the report.

BULLSHIT: reports on the Peruvian government’s response to the tragic turn in the Amazonian protests:

… the Garcia administration published a very special message to the American public Friday about the Bagua massacre. Turns out the only reason the government sold off the Amazon to multinational industries in the first place was to protect it from the stupid Indians, who were BREAKING IT with all their “timber smuggling” and “coca growing”. But then:

“… extremist political movements have convinced some of the indigenous population that they would be robbed of their land. This led to the blockading of roads and the interruption of production plants. As required by law, the police proceeded to clear the roads and were attacked with firearms, with the result of 24 casualties. The elevated number of civilian deaths reported by sensationalists is thus inexact.”

Did you get that? There can’t be more dead people, because the police cleared the roads or whatever, beforehand, “as required by law,” “thus,” anyway shut the fuck up, sensationalists.

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  1. Telzey permalink
    18 June 2009 4:31 pm

    The 2009 Trafficking In Persons Report is not an exercise in “Our Shit Don’t Stink”, for two reasons. First, nowhere does the report pretend that human trafficking does not occur in the US. In fact it makes several mentions of this very phenomenon (but you would have to have actually read the report to find them). Secondly, the sole purpose of the report is to verify compliance by foreign governments with US laws (specificall the TVPA) designed to diminish human trafficking. As such, the focus of the report is *by definition* on foreign countries.

    Lastly, the US government extensively documents the extent of human trafficking within the US. Which is far from a stance of “our shit don’t stink”. All you have to do is Google “human trafficking US” to see that.

    What a sorry piece of facile, uninformed cynicism this particular entry of yours is.


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