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Another naked Mexican guy in Hollywood

16 July 2009

Nude Gay Mexican! is still the all-time champeen in he Mex Files “hits parade” (followed a poor second by a post on gerbils and donkey shows).  By popular demand…  here’s another nekked Mexican guy from the early days of Hollywood.

oscarYup… “Oscar” is Emilio Fernández Romo, “el Indio”, who was learning his craft from the ground up in the 1920s, largely through an accident of history.  Born in northern Coahuila (his mother was Kickapoo), in 1903, he’d unwisely joined ex-President Adolfo de la Huerta’s 1924 uprising.  Like the ex-President, he fled to Hollywood (De la Huerta ran a dance school) and Emilio began learning his craft from the ground up, as an extra and go-fer.

Besides being Native American, well-toned bodies weren’t particularly stylish in  1920s Hollywood, and Ramon Novarro had the small market for hunky Mexicans pretty well covered all by himself … seriously limiting any future for “el Indio” as an actor in the United States.  But there were other ways to get before the public.

His friend,  Delores del Rio (who later posed for lesser-known American sculpture of note) , was married to set designer Cedric Gibbons who had been commissioned to design for the American Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.  “Indio”, was a bit shy about the idea of posing naked, but he needed the money.  And… as they say… a legend was born.

As a screenwriter, actor, director and producer, from the early 1930s into the mid 1980s, el Indio influenced the “look and feel” of Mexican films (as well as Hollywood westerns, through his work with John Ford).  He’s often credited with inventing the Mexican Revolution film, which made  Maria Feliz and Pedro Armendáriz stars, and gave Del Rio a new career long after her Hollywood fame had faded.  But he never won an Oscar.

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