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New VW plant to build who knows what

16 July 2009

While most automakers are trying to fight off the red ink during one of the worst economic downturns in recent history, Volkswagen is blazing ahead and not only building a new, $1-billion plant in Tennessee but investing another $1 billion in its Mexico plant and adding an unspecified to model to the mix.

(Scott Evans, Motortrend)

This is extremely good news for Puebla, where production is down by half of that last year, and the company was forced VW to lay off 800 temporary workers in June alone.

Though the Puebla plant is best known for having produced the old Beetle until 2003 (long after production ended elsewhere), VW de Mexico presently turns out “New Beetle” and Jettas for the U.S., Canadian and Mexican market.  It’s reported that the new Tennessee plant wil be building a new version of the Passant which has the automotive press speculating on what exactly will be built at the expanded Mexican plant.  Guesses are the Polo or Up! which aren’t sold in the United States, suggesting that VW is looking at the Mexican and Latin American market to rebuild Mexico’s  oldest (and presently #2 behind Ford in number of units manufactured) auto company.

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  1. Timo permalink
    16 July 2009 9:52 am

    There are reliable indications that VW will sell the Polo in the US. And a redesigned Beetle is coming. Sounds like full shifts at Puebla.

  2. el_longhorn permalink
    16 July 2009 1:29 pm

    Great news. Que viva NAFTA! 😉

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