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Remember the Alamo? Some of us DO!

13 September 2009

This is the second (and I hope) last time I comment on the — until recently unknown to me — gloriously moronic  Glenn Beck.  That whiny adolescent voice (neither authoritative nor ominous enough for a good propagandist) is Beck reading some polemic by some woman in support of some march that I guess came off in Washington, DC Saturday.

The video, and whatever their cause is (damned if I can tell, though you notice the only non-white people in the whole video are the President, who I guess these folks are mad at, and a Presidential aide) would be completely irrelevant to The Mex Files, if it wasn’t for this slide, at 1:13 of the 1:36 video:


Uh… the Battle of the Alamo was between illegal aliens in Mexico and the Mexican Army.  Seeing they thought they were fighting for a separate republic (which did exist for a couple of years after this 1836 battle), I suppose the makers of this video might be trying to drum up support for Texas separatists (only about 173 years late), or… maybe they’re saying something about the advisability of Mexicans killing English-speaking white guys in the name of black liberation.

I DO remember the Alamo. The surviving defenders were shot after three men were released. Brigado Guerrero, an AWOL Mexican soldier had been trapped in the fort.  Joe was taken with arms in hand, and slightly wounded before an officer order his men to cease and desist. Joe was personally interrogated by General Santa Ana.  Joe had not known that his enslavement by insurgent leader William Travis was illegal in Mexican territory, and he was released.  As was  Sam, a non-combatant, had been brought into Texas  by Jim Bowie and “freed” by Bowie during the siege.

I guess what Beck’s group is trying to say is that restoring the rights of two black people justified the slaughter of somewhere between 182 and 257 of those denying them their rights, and the 450 or more who died to free them from bondage.

The protest in question took up about half the Washington Mall, the other half being filled with picnickers celebrating “National Black Families Reunion”. I hope none of Sam and Joe’s descendents were there, or at least that those descendants don’t draw the same conclusions I do about this silly event.

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  1. Bob permalink
    13 September 2009 10:56 am

    If, while you’re listening to Glenn Beck and you’re immediate responce is, man, the big wheel is turning without a hamster. Then please, look him up on I’m sure you’re gonna find some answers.

  2. 13 September 2009 12:38 pm


    I love the article (as usual) but I think he’s referring to the Alamo in a different context. Back in April, he did a tea bag tax day thingy rally in San Antonio. All sorts of (white) people enraged! The usual. Like all things Beck (and the idiots who listen to him) he sees himself as some messenger leading his flock (which may not be so inaccurate a statement).

    I think you’re article is still great given the racist inclinations and undertones of these rallies. The Alamo serves a wonderful double meaning, which further rallies the sort of people Glenn Beck and the right want: idiots with no sense of history or compassion.

  3. 13 September 2009 4:39 pm

    Illegal aliens in MEXICO? And they’re not the kind the birthers all hate, the kind that live on refried beans? The mind boggleth.

  4. 14 September 2009 7:26 am

    I work in a department with three Texas historians – all found this to be great fun. I think Beck is identifying with the Mexican army, though. It talks about “surrounding” the enemy in a siege … think of Beck as a wannabe Santa Anna and I think you might just understand this wacko.

    (BTW – love the keywords for the article, like crack-pots).

  5. 18 September 2009 4:28 pm

    I am proud to be an illegal immigrant in the great country of Mexico

    No shame in this game. And ya’ll are correct. Beck is a moron

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