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White woman speak with forked tongue

12 December 2009

“If people want to flirt with Iran, they should take a look at what the consequences might well be for them. And we hope that they will think twice.”

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States of America re: the foreign policy of the Plurinomial Republic of Bolivia.

“Do you know who exports terrorism? Those people who send troops to other countries, who install themselves in military bases, they are the ones that practice terrorism. It is the government of The United States that practices terrorism at the moment.”

Evo Morales, President of the Plurinomial Republic of Bolivia re: the foreign policy of the United States (translation by Otto)

The consequences being…?  Sounds like a terrorist threat to me.   I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but this U.S. Administration’s Latin American policy is the same as every U.S. Administration since at least Woodrow Wilson’s … do as we say, not as we do… or we’ll do unto you as we’ve done unto others.

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