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The Fall of Mexico

13 December 2009

The hyperbolic title of a Philip Caputo’s Atlantic Magazine article on militarization of the anti-narcotics crusade here  have been better been “The Fall of the Calderón Administration” or “The Fall of U.S. Hypocrisy About The Drug War” or… the “fall” of any number of things… but was, instead, “The Fall of Mexico”.  Which led “Peter” at to post the following thoughts about the Fall of Mexico:

The fall of Mexico is a very beautiful season of the year with many fiestas and outdoor celebrations. It is a time when the Mexican army is busiest seeking out marijuana fields as it comes into harvest time and the farmers experience their crops going up in flame either by the military’s elaborate bonfires or end users putting match to plump yescas.

It was during the time of US prohibition of alcohol Mexican border towns’ economies experienced a great surge in tourism, notably Tijuana where culture was born from those days and have since become permanently engrained in American society in the form of Ceasar Salads, the Margarita cocktail, and tuck and roll auto upholstry until activists sucessfully sought to curtail that activity when finally outraged at the number of naugas that sacrificed their hides to adorn the many cocktail lounges and add renewed splendor to numerous restored Chevrolet Impalas.

Now some eighty years later when Mexico’s northern neighbor is firmly enforcing its latest prohibition that has stemmed from the earlier prohibition when those black markets became legitimate and demanded the state protect their industry and ban the production and use of rival substances, we will probably not be able to experience the benefit of the new cultural developments that would likely stem from the tourism that would no doubt boom from Amsterdam-style hash cafes in Mexico. Whatever economic advantages to arise from those, likely enormous, would be at the cost of Mexico’s military might who would lose foreign funding which currently keeps them engaged and would then become hard-pressed to find other functions to perform.

The fall of Mexico is that time when the snowbirds return from Canada, the mariposas return from their northern migrations, and when students and marine wildlife come to spawn on Mexico’s beaches. Thankfully it is not just the fall of Mexico that is prime but any time of year when the tourist can come and experience their paradise here. This fall will not be the time for the imminent cultural boom that would surely come after those now prohibited markets have been sufficiently stimulated to stand on their own economically and dictate their own world policy out in the open. But why would they ever opt for those conditions when the current state is so generous to those few who understand this and now wield the power to keep their lucrative markets repressed, out of state control, and kept in select hands? What seasonal climate could ever cause that to change? It would be the Fall, somewhere.

And the winters are nice here, too.

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