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Don’t ask Felipe Calderón and don’t tell the Supreme Court

2 February 2010

In Tokyo for mettings, Felipe Calderón was asked about the claims that his Administration’s legal challenge to the Federal District’s new gender-neutral marriage law was politically motivated.

Of course, it’s hard to say it isn’t,  but Calderón gave it his best shot, claiming it was simply a matter of defending the Constitution, which — he says — specifically defines marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Is there a secret article in the Constitucíon Politíca de los Estados Unidos de Mexicos that I missed?  I admit, I only looked for the words “mujer”, “hombre” , “boda” and “matrimonio” but the only mention I can find of marriage in the constitution is in Art. 30, Section B-II, which allows the state to regulate the naturalization of foreign residents, male OR female who marry a male OR female Mexican citizen.

Either the Prez is trying to get everyone to study their constitution or he’s full of FeCal matter.

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