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What would Richard Nixon do?

3 February 2010

Otto Guevara, the candidate for the right-wing “Libertarian Movement” in Costa Rica’s presidential elections (next Sunday), took a lie detector test on national television.  He passed (or at least he did on TV, and that’s reality, right) when asked “Have you profited in any way while carrying out your duties for which you could be legally charged?” and “Have you lied to the media during your election campaign?”

Alex Leff, the on-line editor of Tico Times, writes in Americas Quarterly:

Guevara replied “No” to both, and the machine gave him a green light—Canal 7 told viewers he was telling the truth. The front-runner in the campaign, National Liberation Party’s (PLN) Laura Chinchilla, refused to participate in the televised interrogation. Guevara is in second place in the polls, hovering at or under 30 percent. Not to miss the opportunity to capitalize on the polygraph test, he bought a two-page spread in national newspapers that boasted he is the only honest candidate in the race.

This was partly an attempt to dispel controversy that has boiled over in recent months about the questionable source of the cash the Guevara campaign has been shelling out for propaganda, which reportedly had surpassed $1 million by December. Fingers even pointed at Ricardo Martinelli, Panama’s president and probably the region’s only standing libertarian, as a possible donor, an allegation which Guevara denies.

Couldn’t he just say “I am not a crook” and been about as believable?

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  1. 19 February 2010 4:34 pm

    When the left-wing press tried to frame me over some alleged financial improprieties as a candidate for Vice Presiden in the 1952 presidential election, I also went on television.

    But instead of a cheap stunt involving a lie-detector, I looked the American public in the eye and told them I was honest, going so far as to pimp out my little dog, checkers. It worked.

    It was just over 20 years later, when president, that these allegations again came up, and I again looked the American people in the eye and told them that I was not a crook. It didn’t work so well for me that time.

    So, my advice to Otto Guevara would be to get a dog.

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