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Get out of town!

14 February 2010

Led by Luz Maria Davíla (holding the large banner on the right), citizens of Juarez took to the streets to demand the army be retired from the streets, as well as the resignations of the city’s mayor, the state governor and Felipe Calderón. (Photo by Rubén García, Jornada)

Davíla, whose 19 year old and 16 year old university student sons were among the victims of the Juarez massacre, was among the family members PRI officials called on last week, not — as the families expected — to offer consolation or information about the crime, but rather to offer the party’s “assistance” in obtaining visas to live in the United States!

“Don Quixote” in a comment on a recent post about the Juarez Massacre told about a family friend who — tired of the shakedowns (in his case by the Army) moved his business across the river into El Paso.  As “Don Quixote” himself noted, it’s a story I’ve heard time and time again.  If I were of a conspiratorial frame of mind, I’d think that the “powers that be” are hoping to cleanse Juarez, and other border communities, not so much of criminals but of the educated middle class.

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