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Carnaval — Con fervor patria

15 February 2010

I hadn’t really planned on a pre-Lenten fast, but my gastro-intestinal system and I have been at odds the last couple of days.  Whatever was the source of the dispute seems to have passed (and passed, and passed) and — fortified with a couple of shots of Pepto-Bismol with a side of  Pedialite — I managed to make the Carnaval parade.  I always figure that with the tourists amusing and bemusing the Mexicans the rest of the year, Carnaval is the occasion for the locals to pull out all the stops and amuse the foreigners, and figured it was my duty to reconnoiter the event and bring back a report.

Well, yeah… this year, with it the independence bi-centennial/revolution centennial and all, it had a historic theme.  Mexican history being an on-going affair, it wasn’t the conquistadors with their kumbia music, or the  techno-pop boogying peruked 18th century ladies and gents that drew the loudest cheers, but the contingent representing the continuity of  historic trends into our day… specifically, screwing over campesinos:   in this instance locals losing their land to a dam (or maybe that’s “damn dam”) being built, ironically enough, in good part because the tourist trade has overtaxed the water and electrical systems here.

Of course, being a “history themed” parade and all,  there were things like Conquistadors accompanied by Kumbia, and peruked 18th century ladies and gents dancing to techno-pop.  And some lively grannies, decked out in “native costumes” who can still shake a leg when they want to.  And, of course, the brewery float spelled it out — and the lads and lasses were giving their all, with great and  patriotic fervor.

These grannies are just helping the band warm up

Az-technical adjustments

The warm-up protest to the parade protest. Hope they took first prize.

The Inquisition never looked this good before

See, it's patriotic

And features patriotic youth

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