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Thoughts on tourism

29 March 2010
  • First, speak no harm.   That’s the word coming down from Don Felipe to the tourism industry, which is seeking to recover from the bad publicity this country has received in light of it’s relatively high (but half that of Brazil) murder rate and the incessant press reports of violence in the wholesale narcotics industry (as opposed to the violence among the retailers, I guess).
  • I suppose we should start thinking about changes in the medical tourism trade,  now that the United States has finally taken the first baby steps towards a rational health care system.  Not to worry… it’ll be years and years and years before it kicks in, and, anyway, it’s not going to cover cosmetic surgery.  We’ll always have the cut-rate face lift crowd.
  • Religious tourists — it’s not just the Virgin of Guadalupe that brings ’em in.  2012 should be a banner year for the Yucatan.  With all the end of the worlders coming down, I see a great boom in selling full price return plane tickets.
  • Gay marriage tourism.  While it is still unclear what the rules are for foreigners marrying in Mexico (they always have) same-gender couples from throughout the Republic are getting married — legally — in the Federal District and it appears the only drawback is, that in case of divorce, the couple would have to file in Federal District courts.  Otherwise…  while a marriage license for foreigners is two pesos more than for a resident, I can see a market here… maybe with a combined honeymoon tour.
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