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Un-surprising development

29 March 2010

I’m not talking about Ricky Martin finally coming out , but the arrest of the presumed killer of the two American Consulate employees (and an American citizen dependent) by the Mexican Army.  I had to read the articles a couple of times to figure out what we should have known (and actually did) from the beginning… that this was a crime “Made in the U.S.A.”  The suspect — Ricardo Valles — was arrested ENTERING Mexico FROM the United States.

The reports of the arrest — de manera extraoficial, as Jornada styles it — raise some questions about the event.

  • The Aztecas are the “cartel of the week” in the Mexican media, although before this incident, I don’t think I’d ever seen mention of them in the Mexican press, except in connection with their alleged role as subcontractors to various narcotics export groups  and as possible go-betweens in the supplying weaponry   from the United States for the various Mexican crime syndicates.
  • Like United States citizen, Edgar Valdez Villareal, aka “El Barbie”– who is supposedly leading the Beltran Leyva faction in the crime wars — U.S. criminals operating in Mexico have been known to U.S. and Mexican authorities for a very long time.  Ricardo Valles apparently is a Mexican citizen, but he is a legal resident of Texas, and the Azteca gang, the presumed authors of the gringo hit, are a U.S. gang, not a Mexican one.
  • While the Aztecas may have ties to Mexican gangsters, and are an  ethnic gang, that no more makes Mexico responsible for them than Italy was responsible for the depredations of Sicilian-born Carlo Gambino in the United States during the 1940s and 50s.  There  were ties between the American mafia and various south Italian criminal organizations, but even with the limited intelligence-gathering capabilities of governments sixty years ago, when a U.S. gangster was setting up operations in Italy, both governments were kept in the loop.

For the Aztecas, let alone Edgar Valdez, to have operated so freely (if indeed they were, or are, operating freely) until now leads many to suspect it wasn’t an accident.  “Amelia”, commenting on the news on the Valles’ arrest in Jornada, posts [my translation]:

Anyone who has read Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine” can see what happened was an agreement between the Mexican government and the gringos to come up with an justification to bring the FBI into the country to investigate.

The killing was no mistake:  it was a calculated and premeditated murder of two gringos — street theater. What else can one expect when corporate interests are so strongly affected?

Amelia is not alone in her suspicions that something is just not right about all this.  The idea that the U.S. government purposely “sacrificed” the employees (whose roles have never been identified to my knowledge, and seem to have been low-level non-diplomatic personnel) is something best left in a Robert Ludlam novel.  But, the kernel of a real concern is there.  Once again, the present Mexican administration is changing the target of the “drug war” from one criminal gang to another (which is never, ever the Sinaloa Cartel), but now — given that the gangsters have United States ties, there is a rationale for U.S. intervention and cover for the “rescue” of Mexico.

Mexico has had enough “shocks”  and  is already beholden to the United States for much of its economic, political and social policies.  This “shock” — the murders and their aftermath — which Amelia believes are a cover for more U.S. infiltration into Mexican policy may also prove to be a shock for the United States and it’s own bizarre and deadly “drug war.”

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  1. 29 March 2010 10:48 pm

    It was widely reported that Lesley Enriquez worked in the American Citizen Services section. (Her father, by the way, was Manuel Jorge Enriquez Savignac, a prominent business & brother of a former Minister of Tourism.)

    El Economista (“Narcoterroristas en Juárez,” 16 March) & the El Paso Times (“Heat on Aztecas,” 19 March) reported that the wife of third victim, Jorge Salcido Ceniceros, was Hilda Edith Antillón Jiménez. The latter article quotes a State Dept spokesman as saying: “She worked in the consular section, which deals w/ fraud, federal benefits, immigrant & non-immigrant visas, among other things.”

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