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PAN: junk food junkies

15 April 2010

In some ways, it shows how far Mexico has advanced that malnutrition isn’t the most alarming public health problem the country faces… it’s obesity.  Alarmed by the high rates (and medical costs) of hypertension, diabetes, and obesity related diseases, and growing evidence that junk food is largely responsible for the exponential increase in the number of obese minors, the Chamber of Delegates passed — with 372 votes in favor and one abstention (probably a guy too fat to raise his arm) — a bill requiring the Secretary of Public Instruction to prevent the sale of junk food in public schools and require 30 minutes of physical activity for students.

The PAN faction in the Senate has come out against health and in favor of junk food, arguing that — unlike, say, using the army to stamp out narcotics exports to the United States or create a whole new Federal Police force — it might not work, it’s expensive and it’s a hassle to try controlling what school kids do.

Either that, or they’re counting on a “free market solution” — which might work:  food prices keep going up, and so are the indices of abject poverty.  Not being able to buy food might trim the waistline.

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  1. Hugo permalink
    15 April 2010 10:34 am

    For 30 years has this guy with the baby voice called Chavela had a weekend show on Televisa where he shamelessly promotes junk food in the form of candy, cookies and soft drinks. His 2 hour show is one long commercial for the sponsors be it Bimbo, Coca Cola or some other junk food company. He shows the products in close up pictures and tells the audience that these are healthy due to the added vitamines. He talks with a funny baby voice is dressed like a 7 year boy despite being close to 60 years old. No wonder Mexico has a problem with junk food.

  2. Hugo permalink
    17 April 2010 1:56 am

    “Not being able to buy food might trim the waistline.” Not if you follow KFC advise:

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