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Amores Perros

23 April 2010

Maggie’s Madness mentioned a study by the Direccion de Juventud (Youth Bureau) of Baja California.  “Miquel Angel Torres Cabral, the Director made the announcement of the findings which included the disclosure that it has become increasingly common for teenagers to commit violent acts against their peers and to record these and place the results on the internet because it seems ‘funny’ to them. ”  Perhaps they’re right.

In Tepic, it wasn’t against their peers, but against a dog.  A couple of delinquents, classmates at CONALEP  #169 (CONALEP are federal career and trade High Schools), thought it was “funny” to put up a video on Facebook of them siccing pit bulls on a helpless street dog, and killing it.

300 students, housewives and professionals  — with their dogs — marched on Tepic’s Palacio de Gobierno demanding the State of Nayarit take legal action against the delinquents.  Jocelyn Fernández, the state under-secretary for judicial matters, agreed to investigate.  Tepic’s Presidente Municipal, Roberto Sandoval Castañeda, ordered the Municipal Police to determine what changes can be brought against the youths involved and the State’s Human Rights Commissioner, Huicot Rivas Álvarez, was quoted as saying that the CONALEP students needed to be prosecuted for their cruelty and brutality, if only to prevent further acts of violence.

Although Milenio, in writing about the protests, only  named the idiot who put the video on his Facebook page, Blog de Narco posted the names, photographs, home addresses and class schedules of every one of the boys in the video.    Blog de Narco, which — as its name suggests — normally posts about the cruelty and brutality of human on human behavior (and seems to be read by some of the participants in those actions) — normally might get four or five comments on a “snuff film”.  By my last count, the story on the dog torturer video had 547 comments… some of which indicate the Nayarit prosecutor and the Tepic Municipal Police may be the least of these kids problems.

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