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Clothes make the perp? Friday Night Video

23 April 2010

Of course, United States Representative Sanchez is sane and correct and all, but her wacky colleague Representative Bilbray isn’t completely wrong: I have heard Border Patrol Officers claim they can tell the Mexicans from the Mexican-Americans just by politeness… the Mexicans are politer.  And, I admit that in Mexico I can tell foreigners from Mexicans by their shoes (Mexicans polish theirs) and the state of their clothing (Mexicans make lousy hippies, insisting on ironing their jeans). But that tells me nothing about the legality of one’s residence in the country.

Probably the only real way to tell is to look at the label in the clothing. Mexicans generally wear cheap clothes made in Mexico. In the U.S. people wear cheap clothes made in China. And are rude.

An oldie, not particularly a goodie, but if the song fits, post it…

¡Hasta lunes!

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  1. Daniel Lamont permalink
    24 April 2010 4:45 am

    If it makes U happy, it can’t be that baahahahad.

    The first cut is the deepest

    By my madonna: Sheryl Crow
    self-maid priestess of song

  2. don quixote permalink
    24 April 2010 10:28 am

    Richard, a little levity can sometimes be therapeutic, and thats a good thing, but being that the Arizona anti Mexican, ethnic profiling, fascist Republican law and mandate is considered a direct slap in the face and attack on Mexicans, Mexican Americans, Latino’s in general, and that it is very painful for all people who believe in democracy and the rights of humans, then your attempt at humor(beneign as it seems), only seems like salt and lemon juice being poured over a deep wound.
    There is nothing about Arizona State Law 1070 that is humorous or that should be taken lightly, I guess that if this discriminatory law doesn’t directly affect one (being a white person), then it’s much easier to laugh about. But if your a Mexican, Chicano, or Latino, who will be affected by the possible negative spreading of this tea party fascist attitude, then real anger and concern are what people are now feeling, not humor or sarcasim, even though these facists in Arizona are indeed clownlike and a caricature of historical rascists everywhere.
    I enjoy your posts always but even in Mexico this Arizona 1070 edict willhave a huge impact.
    This kind of ugliness is not humorous to most on this side of the frontera.

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