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Isn’t that convenient?

21 May 2010

David Agren — who doesn’t post nearly enough (ok, so the guy needs to make a living, that’s no excuse”) — runs down the plausible suspects in Jefe Diego’s disappearance, discarding them one by one for various reasons.  Chihuahua Resiste suggests one suspect David missed (my translation):

Member of the Chamber of Deputies Defense Committee said that Secretary of Defense Guillermo Galván, warned them last month that he expected high-impact hits on the political class, and in light of the threats asked for approval of a legal framework that would allow the Army to conduct telephone wiretaps and monitor Internet traffic, cancel public events, close streets and hold detainees for up to 48 hours before turning them over to civilian prosecutors.

To create a “unity message” in light of the  “complex environment” in which the country finds itself [as a result of the widely despised politico’s disappearance] the Senate approved a special session to consider outstanding points in bills meant to combat violence and organzied crime and urged the Deputies to follow suit, especially in regard to national security and kidnapping laws.

I don’t say the Army did it (though I don’t rule out the possibility), but with Felipe Calderón saying (three times in one sentence) that there was no evidence of who done it, anything is possible, and — even if the Army didn’t snatch el Jefe — it sure looks like either Secretary Galván is a pretty good prognosticator, or is manipulating the master manipulator of Mexico.

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