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Let the chip fall where it may: Jefe Diego

10 June 2010

It’s kind of Zen, but the big news story is what is not reported… donde est Jefe Diego?

Gancho reports that the missing Jefe’s microchip has been found.  Sort of like show-dogs (and seed bulls), high level right-wing politicos made a big deal a few years back of having RFC chips implanted in their arms.  That was supposed to assure us that the Fox Administration was one the ball, and looking out for our safety.  Well, for the safety of their own anyway.

Back on May 24, when I wrote about the alleged photos of Jefe Diego in captivity floating around the internet, and before there was some kind of quasi-official news blackout — there was speculation on the bloody scissors found in his car might have been used to cut out the chip:

The “bloody scissors” found at the scene (with no indication of the amount of blood nor the size of the scissors, which could have been anything from a beard trimmer to the big honkers used in the market for quartering chickens…. or anywhere in between) were supposedly used to remove the microchip the Jefe — and several other “high visibility” kidnapping targets — had implanted in their arms a few years back.

The other non-new news is that nobody is sure who nabbed him — some powerful interest is the best guess? I’m betting on one of his shady legal clients .   I wouldn’t be quick to just focus on Chapo Guzman or Jefe Diego’s narco-clients … the Legionnaires of Christ have the means and motive, too.  Besides, the Legionnaries need the quick cash more than Chapo does.  The government itself remains a plausible suspect.

Ah well, gone, but not quite forgotten … Diego Fernández de Cevallos was forced out of his car by … somebody… on the night of 14 May. Now, on 9 June (only 26 days later), someone finally tracks down the chip, forty kilometers away? I guess Mexico either really does need to beef up its satellite communications or some other powerful interests really don’t want to talk about him.

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