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Honduras Tonight

20 August 2010

Adrienne Pine posted this earlier today, as police attacked a teacher’s demonstration at the National Pedagogical University.  Dr. Pine posted at 16:00 (GMT -4):  striking teachers are being violently ousted by military with teargas (L.1500 per canister).  1500 Lempira is about 80 US Dollars, or about 10 percent of the gross national income per capita.

Meanwhile, from the Diocese of Copan, where Hermano Juancito reports regularly that the spirit is willing, we learn why the flesh is weak:

… the Gracias parish asked me about how he could get vegetable seeds since there were nine severely malnourished children in his village.

Monday one of the coordinators of the maternal and infant health project shared that severe malnutrition in Honduras is at about 38%, which is one of the highest in Latin America.

… the situation of a country with about ten families with most of the power while the majority have little share of the resources.

La Gringa’s Blogacito” — which was all over the place claiming to be an expert on the political and economic situation in Honduras, and telling us the coup was not a coup — meanwhile, writes about ice cream makers (starting at 3.75 percent of gross national income per capita [not including shipping and handling] on up) .  The big issue in Honduras in Gringa-landia is whether to include eggs in your Mocha Gelato…

Let them eat ice cream?

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  1. mcm permalink
    27 August 2010 3:36 pm

    That would be “La Gringa’s Blogicito” (not “Blogacito”).

    She never claimed to be a political/economic expert — just a resident of Honduras, married to a Honduran citizen, who provided a perspective about the Honduran “coup” not available to those who don’t read Spanish. And who also writes, in a fairly entertaining manner, about her daily domestic life in La Ceiba. Which apparently includes a lot of ice cream.

    You have a point of view, she has a point of view. I don’t get the snide attitude — Maybe you don’t like ice cream?

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