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Another fine mess

3 February 2011

With the same logic by which the Calderón Administration claims that a soaring homicide rate is proof that they are creating a more secure Mexico, I guess the Administration is proving equally successful in their efforts to control addictions.

Cocaine consumption in Mexico has doubled in the last six years, and use of other illicit drugs, including marijuana, has also increased, said Mexican Secretary of Health, Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos.

Meeting with foreign correspondents in Mexico City, Córdova Villalobos admitted that illegal drug consumption has increased in recent years despite the uphill struggle of the government of President Felipe Calderón to eradicate drug gangs.

However, he stressed that figures could climb if there was not a fight against drug traffickers.

“Cocaine consumption has doubled in the last six years, while the amount of the drugs available have risen,”  Cordova told reporters in Mexico City.  Cocaine users represent 2.5 percent of Mexico’s total populaton (107 million people), he said.

“It seems like a lot, but isn’t all that much. The figure was 1.25 percent, and is now 2.5 percent.  Marijuana consumption also rose, from 2.4 percent to 4.2 percent of the population, the Secretary of Health said, neglecting to specify the amount of drugs actually used.

Of course, I want to be snarky about this, but considering any use, even casual, and occasional use of cocaine or marijuana is included in these figures, Mexicans still have a long, long way to go to catch up to even a fraction of the use by their northern neighbors, and while I might even believe Dr. Cordova when he claims the figures “could” climb if not for the drug war, as the government’s top public health official, he might want to ask himself what the effect on the overall national health would be if there was no drug war… trading off perhaps another percentage point or two of Mexicans needing treatment for addictions, against the expensive emergency room treatments for traumatic gunshot wounds.

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  1. 10 February 2011 2:10 pm

    As the bloodshed in Mexico reaches unprecedented levels the US Government says increasing violence is an indication they are winning the Drug War.. Mexican marine stands guard as 7 000 kilograms of marijuana are incinerated in Mexicos Sonora state.Despite massive security efforts north and south of the border the drug-fueled killing spree in Mexico is continuing and is on course to surpass last years record toll federal officials told Congress Thursday..But theres little indication that significant cartel violence is spilling into U.S. border communities or elsewhere in the United States they said.. The bloodshed in Mexico has escalated in recent months to unprecedented levels Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer said in a prepared statement..Some 3 600 people were slain in Mexico in the first half of this year putting the death toll on track to surpass the 6 200 people killed in all of 2008 said Anthony Placido assistant administrator for intelligence at the Drug Enforcement Administration..Officials testifying at a House hearing said the increasing violence is an indication that a crackdown by Mexican President Felipe Calderon is working and that drug traffickers are fighting over a diminishing turf..They said it is imperative that the United States support Calderon.. We can not permit President Calderon to fail said Breuer.

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