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Mexican electrons… doing the job Texas electrons can’t

3 February 2011

With an ice storm (part of that climate change that U.S. politicians claim isn’t happening) leading to rolling black-outs throughout the state best known as the “laboratory of bad ideas”,  the ineffable Juanita Jean Herownself comment on what it takes for the stranger figures in the weirdest state in the union to recognize how much it really needs its neighbor to the south:

“So, where do Texans go for help when we are desperate to quit shivering?”

“Uh …. blush …  The Tea Party’s Number One Evil … Mexico,” she reports.

No kidding.  Mexico.

Apparently, Mexicans can only come into Texas if they’re carrying a Van de Graaff generator, some jumper cables, and a couple of gallons of oil.  And, we’d prefer if they would deposit it anywhere north of Corpus Christi and then go home.”

Juanita has an idea.

“You know how you can make any fortune cookie better by adding ‘in bed’ at the end?”

“Well, from now on, anytime Rick Perry starts bragging about Texas he has to preface it by saying ‘with Mexico’s help.’  Like this:  With Mexico’s help … Texas is a leader in job growth.  With Mexico’s help … Texas has pretty darn good standard of living.  With Mexico’s help ….  Texas can be a first world state.”

Good grief.  This is funny.  Texas is getting foreign aid.


Wait til Arizona has a blackout. ¡Jee, jeee, jeee!

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