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Baja Arizona?

28 February 2011

There is an apparently serious movement in the small, sane slice of Arizona (basically Pima County,  Tuscon and the surrounding cacti) to secede from the Failed State of Arizona,

… free of the un-American, unconstitutional machinations of the Arizona legislature and to restore our region’s credibility as a place welcoming to others, open to commerce, and friendly to its neighbors.

Attorneys Peter Hormel and Paul Eckstrom recently launched “Start Our State” (SOS” —with, naturally, its own Facebook page ) — to help jump-start an idea that in light of the present situation in Arizona actually makes a lot of sense.  E.J. Montoni of the Arizona Republic writes:

Co-founder Eckerstrom, who has been active in the state Democratic Party, told a reporter: “We’re tired of the extremism that’s been portrayed to the rest of the country, and we feel we’re different down here.”

It sounds crazy, right?

Then again, is the idea of creating a new state from Arizona’s southern counties any more bizarre than a Legislature trying to pass bills that would allow lawmakers to “nullify” any federal law they didn’t like?

Essentially, seceding from the union.

“We send up a group of moderate representatives from Pima County, and they just get overwhelmed by zealots,” Hormel said.

Pima County is bigger than most of the New England states and has more people than Alaska, Montana or the Dakotas.

In the name of self-preservation, and self-respect though, with the word “Arizona” basically a synonym for “insane assholes” these days, probably another name than Baja Arizona might be considered.  How about “Alta Sonora”?

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  1. don quixote permalink
    28 February 2011 9:38 am

    The southern counties of Arizona should just liberate the name “Arizona” and the right wing zealots of the rest of the failed state should rename the land “Southern Utah”, “Mormonia”, or “Aryana”

  2. 28 February 2011 11:38 am

    I’ve been covering this for ( I’m an Honorary Citizen of the Conch Republic, aka, Key West, and I feel the same forces of moderation at work in Baja Arizona.

  3. kwallek permalink
    2 March 2011 1:07 pm

    The American constitution has a clause in its main body that prohibits splitting states. West Virgina was split off of Virgina during the Civil War but they were killing each other at the time so it passed muster. Policy has been known to trump the law many times in America’s past. Texas has a special provision in its entry agreement to the Union that says it can split its self into 5 states(Texas really is special) but I think Arizona-not so much. After amending the constitution to cover this issue, the thousand states of America could be reality. I’d be first in line to send southern Ohio off to its own fate if state splitting were an option.

  4. 2 March 2011 8:02 pm

    El Aguila over at the Cyber Presido (formerly the Cyber Hacienda – but he is on the war path now) seems to think this is headed nowhere. His last three posts, however, have been fairly chilling regarding what is going on in Arizona. I don’t know how he gets by living there.

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