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Gunning for gringos

2 March 2011

I’ve made comparisons Woodrow Wilson, and Barack Obama before.  Obama may be subtler, but still, in demanding the right to intervene in Latin American (specifically Mexican) affairs, by force, and expecting the Mexican government to acquiesce in breaking it’s own laws to allow that intervention, seems to cast the present U.S. incumbent in the mold of the 28th U.S. President, whose only memorial in Mexico is that particularly ill-favored dogs are sometimes named “Wilson”.

Translated from Proceso:

WASHINGTON, March 2 (apro) – The White House confirmed Wednesday that President Barack Obama will use his meeting with Felipe Calderon to …  ensure the safety of agents who operate outside of U.S. territory…

When directly asked whether Obama plans to ask for Calderon to allow U.S. agents operating in Mexico to carry firearms, [a senior White House] official simply repeated that “officer safety is a priority.”

Following the killing of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent, Jaime Zapata,  last February 15 in San Luis Potosi, the subject of the safety of American agents operating in Mexican territory and mechanisms to be used to defend against attacks by criminals, including the carrying of weapons became a priority in the agenda of Washington political circles prior to the meeting Calderon Obama in the White House.

In Congress, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security of the Obama administration, said… “I suggest that this …  be discussed in a meeting where the spoken word is classified information…”

Although it was previously determined that one of the weapons used by the criminal group that attacked Zapata was purchased in the state of Texas and illegally trafficked to Mexico, the attack on two U.S. agents in San Luis Potosi is being used in Washington as a springboard for political pressure on the government of Felipe Calderón to relent on its refusal to allow foreign agents to carry firearms when they operate in Mexican territory, which contradicts the provisions of the Mexican Constitution.

I expect there will be several lawsuits filed by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senado against this “agreement” (although, come to think of it, the present administrations on both sides of the border have this habit of ignoring their constitutional duties when it suits them) .

And, for those of us with a U.S. passport, or who pass for gringos, this should be considered appalling news.  Seriously… the U.S. won’t do a damn thing about gun running to Mexico, and then wants to arm its secret agents here, so they can shoot at guys carrying U.S. guns.  At agents (or some snowbird mistaken for a foreign agent) who tend to be around other gringos.  I imagine the State Department will be issuing a warning to U.S. citizens to avoid standing close to U.S. agents (who being secret and all, mean any other U.S. citizen) after this.

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  1. Ken permalink
    3 March 2011 6:01 pm

    Damn! Why do we listen to gringos? We can *%@” things up just fine
    without their help.

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