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Fast (and Furious) reactions to Fast and Furious

5 July 2011

Well, this is something TEA partiers and Mexican lefties (and center-ies) and righties) all agree on:  Fast and Furious was FUBAR.

Of course, for right-wingers in the U.S. the bizarre operation under with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms knowingly allowed guns to illegally cross into Mexico to see what happened (they were used to kill people… duh!) was a plot to pry those guns from their cold, dead hand.  Bill La Jeunesse (whose name rang a bell… I finally remembered him from Syracuse University, where my roommate was the editor of a student news magazine, who would be swearing away in Sicilian every time he had edit one of Bill’s stories… something Bill has obviously mastered by now.  Those  Sicilian curses must have done the trick)  and FOX News, has done a good job of following the “Fast and Furious” story … even if the motives for its coverage  are as seriously misguided as the “Fast and Furious” was as a criminal investigation.

It’s obvious that the congressional hearings and “faux” outrage in the United States has more to do with discrediting the agency charged with enforcing the weak laws the U.S. has on gun-running, and with attempting to destroy any chance of reforming those laws.

The thrust of the reporting on this story (mostly from the right-wing news organizations, like FOX) may be suspect, but won’t (one hopes) get anyone killed, whereas the “criminal investigation” has led to a number of deaths here, and nobody in Mexico of any political stripe, can defend it.  For us in Mexico, the issue is national sovereignty… as well as disgust with the United States (which can control neither its guns nor its narcotics habit) over but is blind to the destruction it causes here… and seeks to blame the victim for their criminal negligence.

For a trip to U.S. bizarro-landia, check out the comments on “Hot Air” (a right-wing U.S. website), where this video was reposted.  It puts people in a quandry… unable to decide whether they hate Mexicans or the Obama Administration more.  They try to square the circle by “logically” explaining why the American legal system is better, therefore the Attorney General of the United States should be sent to Mexico.  And, somehow manage to work in an unrelated case involving the right of arrested foreigners to contact their consulate.

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  1. Beverly Carlson permalink
    6 July 2011 9:44 am

    My heart really does go out to all of Mexico. Since my Grandfather came to the U.S. in 1907. I guess I am more gringo than Mexican, but I wish the Mexican government would get things under control in Mexico. I’m not political, but I wish the good people of Mexico could live in peace. Maybe you can tell me why the general public of Mexico can not have guns to protect themselves? About 10 years ago my husband and I visited Mexico and went to where my Grandfather was born. We met the most wonderful people. They were so kind and so friendly. So, I dislike Obama really a lot and love the Mexican people. I also enjoy the information so send me. Thank you.


  1. Guns in Mexico – Your Tax Dollars At Work | Control and Consent

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