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Ashes to Pot-ash… or, up in smoke

6 July 2011

General Pinochet must figure being dead is no reason not to have an after-life of crime.  He hasn’t just been pushing up daisies.

From Sabina Becker:

A marijuana plantation has been found in a sector of a hacienda where lie the ashes of the ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet, a property currently under legal sanction for illicit enrichment.

Lucía Pinochet Hirart, the oldest daughter of the former dictator, told the newspaper La Tercera that she was surprised by the finding, which occurred in March of last year but was only recently in the news.

“What might be going on at Los Boldos (the hacienda), we have no idea. It’s open, animals could practically get in. It’s half abandoned,” Hiriart said.

In a chapel at Los Boldos, 130 kilometres southwest of Santiago, the ashes of Pinochet, who died December 10, 2006, were interred.

The property was one of many owned by the former dictator, who ruled from 1973 to 1990. He was sanctioned under the law during an illicit-enrichment case which began before his death.

Pinochet was tried, and remained under house arrest in Los Boldos, where two of his daughters have also had mausoleums built, but he died before a judgment could be passed.

The case continues, however, and still affects various members of the Pinochet family.

Affects them… um… highly?  Gives them the munchies?


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