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Neither here nor there

10 July 2011

Facundo Cabral, the Argentine poet and musician who survived childhood abandonment, his wife and daughter’s death in an airplane accident, cancer,  blindness, and political exile, all the while  singing of hope for a better world, was murdered yesterday morning in Guatemala City.

Though Cabral was not overtly political, Argentina’s dictators, on the presumption that anything that makes you think had to be dangerous, forced the poet to flee into exile in 1976.  Until 1983 he lived in Mexico, which he considered his second home.

Cabral was probably not the target of the killers.  He was riding in a car driven by his promoter,  a Nicaraguan who owns clubs throughout Central America and Colombia.  So, naturally, the Los Angeles Times tosses in a reference to Mexican “cartels” in writing about the senseless murder of a man best known for singing “I’m from neither here nor there”

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  1. 10 July 2011 9:51 pm

    Sad, sad, so sad… Ni soy de aqui ni soy de alla has always had a special significance for me. Facundo Cabral and Guadalupe Trigo were among the first artists I listened to en español. Both gone… Thank you Richard for posting about Facundo. May he rest in more peace than life allowed him..

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