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First, they came for the beer, and I said nothing…

11 July 2011

Yup, somebody went there.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa- The president of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) in Mazatlan, Maribel Chollet Moran said that her party stands in opposition to everything done by the new (PAN) municipal administration.

Mazatlan said did not want a Hitler, to repress all that with which you disagree.

This referring to the supposed repressive attitudes to exercise in the municipality mayor Alejandro Higuera.

At a press conference held this morning at a restaurant of the port, Chollet Moran said the offensive launched against the current administration drinkers on the boardwalk and other parts of the city, is just a smokescreen to divert attention major problems facing the municipality, as the issue of insecurity.

It’ll be instructive to see how His Honor takes next week`s Marcha para diversidad, and the several planned after-parade events, including a well-publicized one on a public beach.

Either he`s gonna do something stupid (like with Carnaval, when he wouldn’t let GLBT groups distribute condoms provided by the Federal Secretaría de Salud) which would, it seems, force PRI to … er… come out of the closet on GLBT rights, or he’ll have to justify himself to the more reactionary wing of PAN, while trying to maintain the theoretical alliance he has with PRD.

See, not everything in Sinaloa has to do with narcos.

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  1. 13 July 2011 7:26 am

    Interesting that some people see Mayor Higuera as a “repressive” little potentate. He is not, but he is an uptight and misdirected soul, is he bad ? No, But the last thing that I want to see is the return of the “PRI”, the most corrupt political organization in the Americas.
    Was out little mayor wrong in banning, or trying to ban drinking on the Malecon? In reality,no. In most cities NOB it would not be allowed, even in very liberal Key West.
    But, if he had put some emphasis on “no glass ” containers he would have had some support.

  2. Francisco permalink
    2 February 2013 3:09 pm

    che higuera jijo de la ch………………… perro malo

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