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Fifteen years of college down the drain…

19 March 2012

Josefina Vásquez Mota appears to be giving Enrique Peña Nieto a run for his money… at least in the foot in mouth division.

Might as well join the fucking Peace Corps... or run for President of Mexico

The PAN Presidential candidate, speaking to students at ITAM, the private (i.e., expensive) but highly regarded graduate school of business, apologized for her lack of education by saying she was a graduate of Universidad Iberoamericana, the very pricey Jesuit University, not exactly endearing herself to the alumni of the university that generally turns out PANistas.  And, in the process,  sent enterprising sorts to find her thesis… dissing UNAM, considered the best university in Latin America, and not likely to endear her to their alumi.  And, discovering she only needed fifteen years to get her degree.

(via Aguachile)

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