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Dr. Hogan’s history lesson for today

19 March 2012

Based on flimsy intelligence, which was then cynically manipulated to prove just cause for a preemptive war, the United States attacked in force. Its superior armaments overwhelmed the enemy. The American press jubilantly supported the invasion and subsequent occupation, praising the Americans as liberators. Though the U.S. suffered losses, they were minimal compared to those sustained by the enemy and by the civilian population. However, as the months passed, the occupation began to seem interminable, and the indigenous government, set up with support of the occupying forces, appeared unreliable and ineffective. It was suggested by some generals and congressional observers that the country appeared “unfit for democracy.” Sound familiar? No, it is not Iraq in 2006; it was Cuba in 1898.


And the hits keep on coming… Michael Hogan in Alterinfos with an overview of U.S. history in Latin America since 1898.

Read it!

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