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And so it goes in the mining biz

19 March 2012

Another mining death, not likely to be reported to investors:

Bernardo Vasquez Sanchez was a clear spoken Zapotec activist, a brother, son, and cousin, who dared to stand up against a mining project in the territory of his people. He was well aware that a paramilitary group was operating in San José Progreso, Oaxaca, and that it was organized to snuff out opposition to a gold mine, owned by Vancouver based Fortuna Silver.

Bernardo was killed March 15th at 9pm, when gunmen opened fire on his car. His cousin, Rosalinda Dionicio Sánchez, and his brother Andres Vésquez Sánchez, are in hospital with bullet wounds. Though there’s few details, one thing is clear: this was a political hit. Bernardo was murdered because he dared to speak out, ignoring the climate of fear imposed upon his people.

(via Upside Down World and Proyecto Ambulante)

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