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Won’t somebody think of the adults?

10 April 2012

As David Agren reported in today’s USA Today, the strict regulations on negative advertising and third-party political advertising limit the political conversation*.

Bloggers and on-line videos are largely unregulated, so there are some hard-hitting political messages getting through.  While not directed for or against any of the candidates, this sort of third-party “issue ad” might even merit a link in the regulated media:

(via Milenio)



* Of course, David did manage to negate the negativity in a small way, opening with an “example” of the kinds of information that normally would be potential campaign fodder,


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  1. 11 April 2012 7:19 am

    This is video is incredible. And, no surprise, EPN says he likes it, even though it’s as much an indictment of the PRI as the PAN. With the negative ads: The PAN just launched one, calling Peña Nieto a liar. Of course it will be ordered off the air and the Vazquez Mota campaign fined, but expect more of these sneak attacks.

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