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“Politics is the entertainment branch of industry” (Frank Zappa)

11 April 2012
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Ex-President Vicente Fox is considering becoming a  “talk show” host… really!

“Common Run” would be a weekly program featuring various world leaders, and is being marketed to U.S. networks, according to the former President’s press release. 

I’m not sure how much attention U.S. audiences pay to foreign affairs, but perhaps it could work.

Maybe an Oprah/Dr. Phil type program… a nice touchy-feelie meeting and some attempt at resolution between Barack Obama and Bashar al-Assad.  Perhaps a step towards world peace and love, but that’s more Lopez Obrador territory, and I don’t think U.S. audiences would particularly buy it.

Fox could go with a Jerry Springer type format — maybe a couple beefy and (borrowing from the highly successful Peruvian television personality Laura Bozzo) scantily-clad U.N. blue-helmets to stand by as the audience cheers on Cristina Fernández de Kirchner with shouts of “¡Los Malvinas son Argentinas!” as she attempts to rearrange David Cameron’s face.

Fox is a really dull speaker, so an opening monologue might be hard to pull off… though maybe he can get a peppy sidekick.  Fidel Castro is kinda old, but still has a pretty good delivery style, though if you give Fidel a microphone, it’ll be next Thursday by the time he stops talking.  And they could always bring in Silvio Berlesconi for comic relief.

The possibilities are endless.


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