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Screwing Latin America — an object lesson

18 April 2012

American investigators seeking to get to the bottom of the reported late-night activities of a group of Secret Service agents and military personnel assigned to President Obama’s recent visit to Colombia have begun searching for as many as 21 women who are believed to include prostitutes and to have spent the night with the security officers, American security officials say.

William Neuman and Michael S. Schmidt in the New York Times (17 April 2012)

What the Hell?

If you want to know why so many ordinary Latin American despise the U.S. government, this is it…

In the morning, one of the men refused to pay the $250 he was asked for in exchange for the previous night’s sex with one of the women and instead handed over the equivalent of about $30 in local currency and shut her out of the room, the driver recounted. The woman and her friend banged on the door, they told the driver, until other Americans came out of their rooms and gave the women $100, and the women left.

By what stretch of the imagination does the U.S. Secret Service, military forces and Congressional Committee on Homeland Stupidity assume they have anything to “investigate”?  Senator Susan Collins of Maine (isn’t that where the Puritans lived?) frets that the working girls:

… could they have planted bugs, disabled weapons,” or in other ways “jeopardized security of the president or our country?

Give me a friggin’ break! Unless Senator Collins is referring to crabs or viruses, what “bugs” could she mean?  I get the point when she’s talking about these dudes having their weapons disabled, but assuming these bad boys were the usually fit, healthy type of guys usually sent on this type of mission, they should recover use of their … ahem… weapons within a normal period of time (depending on how long it takes the alcohol in their bloodstream to be processed, of course).  If the Senator from Maine is talking about something else, whose “fault” would that be?

The Colombian women did nothing illegal or even wrong.   But, this is a perfect metaphor for the U.S. government’s activities in Latin America:  send in military and paramilitary types who make promises, don’t deliver, and screw the locals.  If the locals, being screwed, have the temerity to demand justice (or even fair trade) then first try palming off some pittance and hope the problem goes away.  If that doesn’t work, then the U.S. government sends in more military and paramilitary types under the pretense that demands for simple justice are a threat to the national security of the United States.

Yanquí stay home, or keep it in your pants.

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  1. mangy cat permalink
    18 April 2012 5:56 am

    “American investigators seeking to get to the bottom(s) of … as many as 21 women” also in a deep throat operation

  2. Allen Graham permalink
    18 April 2012 9:09 am

    People, (non-gringos) often wonder why some “American” soldiers act they way they do. Personally I found that Key West, the drop-out capital of the U.S.ofA., was the best place to discover just how wierd the ex-military can be.
    But Fred has the answer :
    As usual Rich is back at his best, OK, near-best..

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