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A weapon of mass instruction

19 April 2012

There’s more to this photo (by Judie Montoya) of just a clever art-car and literacy project by Argentine artist  Raul Lemesoff .

The Ford Falcon was to Argentina what the Tsuru is to Mexico… the most common family sedan and the generic fleet car … Black and Yellow Falcon taxis, black and white Falcon cop cars and dark green secret police Falcons, that cruised the streets and roads of Argentina, piloted by the henchmen of the dictatorship.  Somewhere around 30,000 people simple “disappeared” in Argentina, and — if their disappearance was seen at all, it was of them being bundled into the back of a dark green late 1970s Falcon.

The Weapon of Mass Instruction is, under all those books, a military surplus dark green 1979 Ford Falcon… a history lesson on wheels, a moving(and mobile) monument to Latin American democracy and a return to humane values.

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