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More like the U.S.A. every day…

20 April 2012

… we finally have our first shirtless politician sending cell-phone photos scandal.

Xóchitl Tress de Barradas is a PAN candidate for the Chamber of Deputies from Veracruz State.  She’s been a public figure (and a rather controversial one) as the “Merry Widow”:   her husband (who had just been elected as a municipal president) was gunned down last November, and Tress de Barradas almost immediately launching a very public affair with another local politician, Rafael Rodríguez.

Ahí esta el detaille:  Rodríguez has a wife…   who allegedly found the photos and leaked them to the press.  While politicians have always been expected to engage in hanky-panky there is still a double-standard when it comes to female politicos.

And, by the way, did I mention that PAN is the “family values Christian”  party?

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  1. 20 April 2012 12:20 pm

    With candidates like this and a PAN mayor recently arrested with Zetas – and the ex-mayor of Monterrey and his cheese-selling brother generating negative headlines – it’s pretty easy to see why the PAN is about to be swept from office.

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