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While America giggled

20 April 2012

Absolutely the best precis of the Summit of the Americas is not from the “usual suspects” like the New York Times, or Washington Post, nor from the policy and political blogs, but from the snarky Wonkette:

From the US perspective, the Summit of the Americas was super awkward this past week, and that’s not even counting that Secret Servicething (goodness gracious!).

No, it was also awkward because everyone disagreed with us, about everything, ALL WEEKEND LONG. It was like they don’t even think we own the place!

Latin America is enjoying some kind of golden age or something. Each country has its own socialist leader, just about, and their economies have thrived the past several years while everyone else’s sucked a giant fat one.

That even the conservatives (including Calderón) were in agreement on narcotics export reforms (I don’t know how to tell people north of the border this, but we don’t much use that shit, but if you want to buy it, we’re gonna sell it), trade with Cuba (why not, when the U.S. does so much business with the much more repressive regime in China?) and the Malvinas.

Yeah, I guess you’d rather talk about hookers, but if you want to have any clue as to what is going on in Latin America, you should read this.

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