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Pistolas para mí general

21 April 2012

Justice is not served by killing evil bastards.  I’m fully aware that the prohibition on the death penalty in this country gets overlooked by the army when they’re going after some narco (or alleged narco), and can’t help wondering if they don’t survive long enough to get into court for some reason.  Even if the evil bastard “gets off on a technicality”, I’d rather have him or her still around until they answered a few questions… or twenty-two questions.

I don’t think many are going to shed any tears over the assassination of General Mario Acosta Chapparo who was gunned down in Mexico City yesterday.  In August 2000, Acosta Chaparro and another General,  Francisco Quirós Hermosillo, were detained on suspicion that they had been actively assisting the Juarez Cartel for several years.  Both were tried by a military tribunal and sent to the military prison at Campo Militar Numero Uno.

General Quirós died of cancer in November 2006, which ended a second military trial, on murder charges stemming from his and Acosta’s alleged role in the deaths of twenty-two civilians in Guerrero State during the 1970s.

Of course, it’s a “might have been”, but with Quirós’ death, prosecutors were unable to ever prove his, or Acosta’s role in the crime.    At the time, Acosta refused to talk, and now we’ll never learn the truth.

Acosta Chaparro was freed in 2007, after a civilian appeals court ruled that the military tribunal had not found evidence to definitely tie Acosta Chapparo to the Juarez Cartel.

There was an unsuccessful attempt to murder Acosta two years ago, by “unknown assailants”, which — at least as of late yesterday — are the suspects in this killing.   And the motives?  It could have been some  act of revenge (by narcos, or Guerrero peasants, or — who perhaps soldiers wanting to restore the tarnished honor of the Army) or it could have been to prevent the truth from ever being known… or karma.


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