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(End of the world) party-pooper

12 May 2012

Dang, and I wanted to dis’ all the fools who were gonna show up for the big event … still, pretty cool.


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  1. 13 May 2012 9:31 pm

    Had a lengthy back and forth, trading “what-ifs” with another vintage Mexophile expat today regarding the consequences of 2012 EOW (end of world) prophesies on tourism in Yucatan.

    Long story short, we believe the locals are going to be greatly disappointed by the end of year figures released next year. “Party like it’s the end of the world” seems to be nice in theory, but with many airlines increasing prices above $500 to $600 (and still having full planes), it seems the party would be quite expensive by the time tourists even show up at the door.

    The Euro crisis has many people on edge – and concerned about problems closer to home. The Olympics. The US elections. “The economy” everywhere. Seems there is a lot of competition for “travel to Yucatan because some archeologist/writer once said EOW is 2012 for the Mayans.” Besides being repeatedly debunked, even among 20-somethings, it just doesn’t generate any buzz, in Yucatan or stateside.

    Everyone, it seems, has more urgent matters to consider than the end of the world. How self-centered is that? 😉

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