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When life throws tomatoes at you, make Bloody Marys… or something

14 May 2012

Or something like that.

Talk about spin!

From Guanabee:

… last week Enrique [Peña Nieto] … gave some face at Mexico’s Ibero university, completely BOMBED and, had he stayed an extra five minutes in the campus, would have probably been lynched or stoned to death.

Of course a collective, obvious, and resounding GET THE FUCK OUT isn’t what Peña’s party took away from their candidate’s appearance at Ibero. PRI’s well-known twisted scheming is presenting the incident like a generic, mildly positive informercial:

The audience scenes may have been filmed at Ibero, but not at Peña Nieto’s speech. The young fellow in the purple shirt is Paris Piñera, a Peña Nieto campaign worker (and a student at an altogether different university). As of this writing, the youtube posting of this video garnered had 752 “likes” and 17,903 “dislikes” from 263,895 viewers.

The Ibero incident maybe hasn’t sunk in with all voters, but it certainly has raised a storm among the “wired” voters. All over the Mexican internet, but not much reported in the “mainstream” press, there are calls for an “informational march” in cities throughout the Republic next Saturday .

Billed as a “Marcha anti-Peña” or “Marcha anti-EPN”, the anonymous organizers (and more than one website appears to be from the “Anonymous” on-line collective) claims not to favor any of the other candidates, but only to be against the PRI front-runner. Several of the on-line (but off camera or disguised) spokes-people specifically say they are not supporting PRD, although it’s obvious from the comments on the several sites that the supporters are more likely to reject “PRIAN” (PRI and PAN) than the other main party.
While I haven’t heard specific denials that this is something organized by PANAL, I haven’t seen any pro-Quadri mention in the comments.

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